Irobot Vacuum Cleaners

Why People Prefer IRobot Vacuum Cleaners

One of the greatest benefits of technology are not the creative strides that push us towards new things, but rather the application of learned technology on everyday problems and tasks. Take for example vacuuming. Few people enjoy vacuuming. And yet, it is necessary for keeping a house clean. While almost every single person used a corded or un-corded vacuum to get the job done, a few people thought that there might be a better way. Using existing technology, they designed something truly innovative.


Forming into IRobot and releasing their own set of IRobot vacuum cleaners, the creators of the company envisioned a use of technology that would make the lives of people better. Let’s take a moment to see what their company is about, and why people would prefer IRobot vacuum cleaners over the competition.


What Is IRobot?


IRobot is a company responsible for the most recognizable name in automated vacuum cleaners, the Roomba. For over a decade, the Roomba has taken the world by storm. One of the first serious contenders in the robot vacuum category, it’s small size and automated nature made it a favorite among those who love technology and its possible applications. Slowly growing in size and then exploding in popularity in the past few years, IRobot has managed to get the lion’s share of the market, providing a fantastic, if not a tad expensive, automated vacuum cleaner.


So, Why Do People Prefer IRobot


1. Creative Design


The design of the Roomba is simply breathtaking when you compare it to what people considered a vacuum cleaner before. Completely circular, the Roomba was small, automated versions of something that few people are considered attempting to miniaturize. As a result, it quickly garnered national attention, becoming a kind of adorable pet that performed a useful function, if not becoming confused by the layout of a room. Over the years, the software controlling the models improved with the design, providing an amazing automated cleaner that still impresses people with its design.


2. You Get What You Pay For


For the most part, the automated vacuums sold by IRobot are not inexpensive. With several models well into the hundreds of dollars range, you will be surprised at just how expensive Roombas can be. That being said, you get what you pay for. When putting $500+ into a Roomba, you get more than just a fun toy. You get a functional device that provides for you a necessary cleaning service. While the charm of IRobot helped it gain international acclaim, its underlying functionality is what keeps people interested in it, even decades later. It is why IRobot vacuum cleaners are among the highest rated in terms of customer satisfaction.


3. Constantly Improving


IRobot is an innovator and leader in the industry. They set the bar that other companies follow as every new model helps them approach their goals for the product. IRobot vacuum cleaners have brought out new designs again and again, pushing the envelope of what a portable automated vacuum cleaner can do.