Best Robot Vacuums

What Goes Into The Best Robot Vacuums On The Market?


Interested in getting a robot vacuum? Let’s take a moment to see what goes nto the best robot vacuums on the market.


Building A Map


Have you ever asked yourself how the best robot vacuums know how to navigate a space? Simply put, they operate off of a series of complex algorithms that allow the robot to build a sort of map of the room. Using this information, it can better navigate the room in the future, performing a cleaning function with no direct input from you. The best robot vacuums create not only a map, but also are aware of steep drops. As a result, even the best robot vacuums still have a hard time functioning on black carpets.


Height Off The Ground


How high does the best robot vacuums go off the ground? If you look closely, you will notice that all robot vacuums are built to be either 3 inches or less in height. This is so they can fit under the majority of furniture in a house, increasing their effectiveness as a cleaning device. While robots above that height may be more powerful, they will suffer from limited mobility in an average home.


Battery Life


The best robot vacuums either provide the battery life the robot needs to get the job done, or they provide a charging station that the robot automatically connects to. Battery life has been a big issue with robot vacuums. Simply put, both moving and cleaning requires a lot of power. That power can deplete batteries very quickly. The best robot vacuums include improved batteries that manage to last, even when being used repeatedly. They may also provide a rechargeable docking station that the vacuum robot enters automatically upon completion of its task or when it registers that it is at low power. Either way, it improves the functionality and versatility of the product.


Programmable Behavior


If you are considering purchasing one of the best robot vacuums on the market, then you will want to go with a model that has programmable behavior. These programmable options allow you some versatility in setting what the robot can and can not do. For example, having a time scheduled operation can mean having the robot out and about when the children are asleep. It can mean doing a room in a particular way, or even limiting some of the places where the robot vacuum may be going. Either way, it can help you to better customize the cleaning experience, saving you time and energy in the future.




The best robot vacuums are useless if they fall apart after minor impacts. Simply put, the best robot vacuums have to be able to withstand some ware and tare. Along with constantly knocking into things, the robot vacuum may experience people accidently stepping on it, kicking it, or even dropping it. While many electronics can’t survive such abuse, the best robot vacuums go the extra step to ensure that their products hold up as well as any others on the market.

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